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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If within 60 days you haven't seen any results, but you've completed the course, implemented the strategies, and can demonstrate that you did the work, we will happily return the investment you've made in yourself and your cookbook project.

The Cookbook Writers Academy transforms cooks and bakers into confident cookbook writers.

If you want to write a cookbook, it's time to:

  • stop procrastinating 
  • stop self-sabotaging your project by not showing up to cook and write
  • stop believing that an agent or editor holds the key to your success
  • start telling your food and cooking story
  • start creating consistent content for your cookbook proposal or manuscript
  • start tuning into ideas and inspiration that make a difference in the lives of the people you are here to serve
  • start feeling confident that your idea is congruent with who you are and how you live


As a founding member of the Cookbook Writers Academy you will receive:

  • Immediate and Lifetime Access to the course

  • 6 recorded modules

  • Each modules walks you through the Cookbook Writers Academy strategies::

    • Encounter Yourself

    • Encounter Your Time

    • Encounter Others

    • Outline your book

    • Build your platform

    • Pick your publishing path

  • Bonus Material
    • 6 LIVE coaching and Q&A Calls

    • Private Cookbook Writers Academy Facebook Group

    • Cookbook Publishing 101 Masterclass

    • How to Write Recipes Your Audience Loves

    • How to Use Scrivener Software to Write a Cookbook Manuscript

    • Pros and Cons of Teaching Cooking Classes at Home

Cookbook Writers Academy proprietary framework ensures each student:

Maggie's Client Success Stories

I was unfamiliar with the path to cookbook publication. Maggie gave me the education, support and expertise I needed to complete my project. The community she creates and the skills she teaches are incredibly valuable and have helped other areas of my life. I cannot recommend her group and services enough! (Jeremiah Duarte Bills - and Flour Hour Podcast)

When I first spoke with Maggie Green I told her that my cookbook concept had been a labor of love that I was about to think was just a dream. Through Maggie's patience, persistence, encouragement and vast experience, I now believe it will be a not too distant reality! If you think you cannot write a cookbook, I encourage you to think again and consider signing up for this course! (Sheri Raleigh Yearby - Cast Iron Skillet Kitchen)

The knowledge I gained in Maggie's cookbook writing classes, was invaluable. When I was approached by a publisher who asked if I'd be interested in writing a cookbook, they wanted to see a proposal in two weeks. Their idea for the cookbook wasn't an idea I'd considered so I had nothing prepared for a proposal. Because of Maggie's tips and information, I was able to start from scratch and fully develop a proposal within the two week time frame. The published was pleased and awarded me a contract right away. Currently, I'm working on my second cookbook. Not only did Maggie's coaching help me develop a winning proposal, it helped me write a winning cookbook which led to a subsequent cookbook. (Jackie Garvin - Syrup and Biscuits)

I always knew I wanted to develop a cookbook for women with PCOS but always figured it would be too labor intensive, time consuming, and expensive to do. That is until I worked with Maggie Green. Through our coaching sessions, I was able to see that writing a cookbook was very doable and fun! Not only did I come away with all the tools I needed to write a cookbook, but a comprehensive time line, budget, and plan. I'm happy to say I am now the author of The PCOS Nutrition Center Cookbook: 100 Easy and Delicious Whole Food Recipes to Beat PCOS. Thanks Maggie! (Angela Grassi PCOS Nutrition Center)

For the last 3 years I have talked about writing a cookbook. It’s been all talk until I saw Maggie’s opportunity open, I literally could not apply fast enough. I love our meetings. Maggie’s information is perfection, she asks the right questions to make you think and brainstorming with others is the icing on the cake. Thanks to her motivation and knowledge I published my first cookbook in November 2017. (Elizabeth Weaver Generations of Edibles)